Skydive Tennessee in Tullahoma is the closest Dropzone to Nashville!



Skydive Tennessee is located at the Tullahoma Regional Airport in downtown Tullahoma, TN. We are open Wednesday through Sunday each week and can schedule jumps with very little notice. If you’d like to make a jump, please CLICK HERE to book online as early as possible, as our manifest tends to fill up quickly during the summer. For further information or to have one of our staff answer any other questions, please Call us!

Tandem Jumps
Summer Tandem Special
Military/Law Enforcement
$30 off
Student/Senior 60+
$20 off
Groups of 10 or more
$20 off
Winter Special (with online reservation)
$10 off
Groups of 20 or larger, please call for the best rate!
Discounts (cannot combine discounts.)
Call about our Price Match Guarantee!!
Video Packages
Standard Video Package

Pictures and Video with Outside Videographer



Ultimate Video Package $179.00
AFF Training Cash Price
Solo Certification (AFF) $1279.00
A-License Bundle $2499.00
Experienced Jumpers Cash Price
Experienced Jumper Altitude Ticket $27.00
HOP’nPOP $20.00
Gear Rental per jump $30.00
Block of 50 Jumps (save $100) $1250.00
Block of 100 Jumps (save $300) $2400.00
We have gift certificates for any of the above – they make great gifts! Just click HERE to purchase one.

Terms, Conditions, and Pricing

Tandem Skydive:
A Tandem Skydive is the first step in finding out if Skydiving is for you! However, it does NOT have to be your first jump. Our AFF instructors can get you trained up for your very first solo over the course of a day with some ground work! You do get a discount if you make a tandem skydive with us first though!

You must be at least 18 to skydive at Skydive Tennessee. Please bring a government issued photo ID with you on the day of the jump (Valid driver’s license

Maximum weight is 250 lbs. If we feel that your physical condition or body shape is not appropriate for skydiving we will not allow you to jump regardless of your weight.  All jumpers are weighed.  A $20 fee is charged at center for all jumpers over 200lbs (this fee goes directly to your instructor).

We accept Cash, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. (No checks)

Reservations, Deposits, and Refunds:
We take a $50 deposit to hold a reservation that is NON refundable.

Skydive Tennessee is generally very busy on Weekends and less busy during the week. Most places you can expect to wait about 6-8 hours for a tandem skydive. At Skydive Tennessee, go ahead and map out ONLY 2-4 hours for your check-in, training, and jump!! Additional time may be required for video editing and/or weather occurrences.

Video Packages Policy:
If you purchase one of our video packages, your instructor will film you with a HD camera. He will usually film an interview with you, part of the take off and ride to altitude, in freefall and after your landing!

Your video will be edited, matched with music and put on a USB which will be handed to you (usually within an hour of landing) or mailed to you if we get particularly busy.