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A great way to remember your first skydiving experience is to purchase a live freefall video and digital photos of your skydive.

A professional videographer will film your entire skydive, including getting geared up, going to the airplane, and the ride to altitude. When it’s time to go, the videographer, most of the time, will actually jump alongside you in freefall and film your skydive, as well as, the parachute opening and your landing! Sometimes, your tandem instructor films you and you actually get your parachute ride! It’s so incredible to be able to see yourself in freefall and under canopy!

You will then land and as you touch down on our huge wide-open landing area we will capture your thoughts on your skydive!

Video and pictures are available with any of our first jump options for only $99! Each video is approximately 5 minutes long, expertly edited and accompanied by music. Not only is the video fun to watch, it’s also a great training tool for students who are learning to skydive. Don’t miss out!